Capture Card - Live feed? - What and how?


I just wondered how Logan and Wendell connect their camera to the computer? I have thought about getting one soon, but I can't desire what I should get.

It should be an internal one with PCI Express, not external USB thing and the input need to be HDMI. 

And also, can you use a capture card "live" as a webcam? What does Windows recognize a capture card (PCI Express)?


They mostly use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software - check it out, its free). And a usual capture card like Avermedia Live Gamer HD (PCI Express, the USB-thing is called portable) can be added there as a source with what ever is connected to it (it can transfer audio via HDMI too). And each capture card has some software included so you can record and/or broadcast. 

Its pretty much live, but there can be a delay with video/audio (OBS can help with that). 

It depends on what you try to get. For high quality recording and streaming - get a DSLR connected with a capture card (check the OBS forum for compatibility, not all capture cards work with it). But a good webcam like the Logitech c920 will do the job and its pretty cheap right now (got mine for 70€) specially if the camera is sitting next to you and not far away. 


OBS is just great for anything - 3D and window capture, with win8 even monitor capture (on win7 its a problem - its really slow), you can connect what ever you want (multiple cameras etc). 

XSplit is an option but its expensive and usually have a bit more CPU-load while running at the same settings.

If you want some help - check out the OBS forum or ask me, i can help you with settings and the whole configuration.

Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but just grabbed an Elgato HD60 for the purposes of running my Canon T5i DSLR to my PC to use on OBS and there doesn't seem like a way to actually do it live in OBS without doing a window capture of the Elgato software. I'm not entirely sure if this is a limitation of OBS or Elgato, but its really bad.

Debating whether or not to exchange this with Amazon for the Avermedia or just getting a refund altogether. I've google pretty much everything I could think of to sort this out, but there is not a single definitive guide on how to do this, just people talking about having done it or people doing it with free software and the captures on that are not great.

Any advice?