Capacitor in PCI-e cable on RM850i

So I'm going to sleeve my PSU (RM850i) but while cutting off the factory sleeve i found capacitor hidden under heatshrink.

Guestion of the day is: Is it safe to remove it? And is it normal that manufacturers put capacitors on cables because didn't see this mentioned anywhere else?

According to my knowledge on electricity it shouldn't cause problems, maybe little bit more ripple but nothing major or am I completely wrong?

Well, modern PSUs with high power efficiency tend to use solid capacitors on the secondary side, which can't "burn off" ripple as well as electrolyte capacitors due to the lower ESR. That seems like a simple resistor-capacitor combination there on the cable, that I would assume to be there to remove noise/ripple. Manufacturers don't like to add anything unnecessary to their products, so I wouldn't remove those components.

Hmm... I think you're both right, it seems like it's there to remove any noise on the cable. I'm willing to bet if you go shop for a pre-sleeved kit for your psu it wouldn't have the capacitor in-line. It probably won't matter if you remove it unless you're going to try for a bloody high overclock in which case a little bump in the road might cause a crash or other fatal event.