Can't see and hard disk, help

Hey guys, I always wanted to try linux on my machine, so after a period when I used virtual machines I decided to install it on bare metal, but I didn't want to install it in dual boot on my SSD so I decided to format one of my two caviar balck and disconnect the other drives, then I installed linux mint 17. It went fine though I didn't make any partition, I'm still a newbie, but everything was perfect. But when I boot windows 7 I couldn't see anymore the drive I used for the installation.

What can I do now?? Do I need to create a partition on that drive?? And can I bump the resolution higher than the default 1280 X 720p??

Thank you a lot for the help


So when you are in windows can you not see the drive with Linux right? If so then you should know that Windows isn't going to be able to read files on Linux because of MS. But if you can get into Linux and Windows, you could possibly share files in a NTSF  partition. 

Mint uses EXT, Windows uses NTFS, while linux can read NTFS, Windows cant read EXT, thats all.

If you want to transfer, leave one of your spare drives as NTFS, then just put it on there, Linux will still work well with it.

also for reso -

i dual boot windows and linux on one of my computers. I have a partition that i've formatted as NTFS where i store all the data i want available to both operating systems. You can have a dedicated drive for this as well.

You should be able to use a programme called Gparted in Linux to do this. Just be careful if you create a new partition on an existing hard drive that you don't destroy data or an existing partition that you need.

Ok guys thanks for the information, but what do I have to do to clean up that drive and be able to use it again on windows??? I just found a laptop HD that will be more suited for the use that I want to do of Linux. I was thinking about to use a live session of Linux from an USB drive and make a NTSF partition, install an other operative system on that and then format all the disk as NTSF. Do you think that will work??

Hey!  You can use ext formatted drives in windows by downloading the windows driver: ext2fsd.  I strongly recommend not formatting back to ntfs, as it is a vastly inferior filesystem.  BTRFS is even better than ext on a HDD, but there is no windows driver.