Can't record gta!

Soon as i click record on obs it immediately crashes gta 5. I do have mods running like enb.

Which version of OBS? When I use studio, sometimes it only works if the encoder mode is changed for certain games to OpenGL. Not sure if that would help, just a thought.

Yeah you have a point. I noticed studio to give me problems sometimes it wouldn't record anything. But unfortantely gta 5 keeps crashing soon as i hit record, btw i have it set to capture game not capture display. Thanks for replying if you have any info let me know.

Last I heard was people could only use full screen windowed mode or windowed mode to make it work. But if you have NVIDIA you also needed to turn off shadow play, I think...

I did turn it off, is there any way i can record the gameplay?

use border less window mode and capture the screen not the game its self.

true i can do that