Can't get steam to work on ubuntu wine

Just switched to linux today and I’ve got no idea what I’m doing

The steam market won’t load at all and trying to install I get this error message (content servers unreachable)

Try installing it through playonlinux.

Are you trying to run Windows games? The is wine for Linux if you are playing native games?

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Apparently the version of Chrome that Steam uses changed stuff where it fails if it realizes it is being virtualized or something like that. I don’t remember exactly where I saw it and had to dig through a number of forums to get a partial explanation, but what I did to make it work is:

1 - Open Play on Linux and highlight your Steam install
2 - Select ‘Configure’ in the left hand pane
3 - At the bottom of the general tab in the field for ‘Arguments’ enter “-no-cef-sandbox” without the quotes

I’m not well versed with Wine, so I don’t know how to add startup arguments to it without Play On Linux, but if you do then maybe that will work. I don’t remember because it has been a while, but I also installed some additional components in the ‘Install Components’ tab, and I’m not entirely sure which ones or if one of them affected the Steam browser/store. If the “-no-cef-sandbox” doesn’t fix it for you, try doing a search for that and see how other more knowledgeable people got it to work.

EDIT - As per above, if you install Steam natively without using Wine/POL you can play all of your Linux compatible games there. You will likely have better luck with that and save the Wine version of Steam for your Windows only games.

@FurryJackman had some notes on that issue:

If it is just about the store though I would recommend just using the store on Steams Linux version, and use the Wine Steam version purely for the game launching. The same for the chat.
That doesn’t really solve the issue that the chrome version is broken, but it should work around it.