Can't get amd hd 7870 to crossfire

With that i would ask why is it disabled. Is it in the right pcie slot? Is there a problem with that card? Or maybe something as simple as a connection not seated properly?


Jepp have done that and everything is seated properly and in the right pcie slots and yeah i didnt get that popup at all :(

I am gonna try another crossfire bridge to see if that helps i will keep you guys updated

i had two 7870 running in crossfire without any problems,

how many pcie lanes does the second card get? is it 16x 8x; 8x 8x; i think it doenst work when one of them is 4x or lower.

you can check that with Gpu-z

Please do, I am kind of interested.

I have a R9 270x and I used my brothers 7870 to crossfire them just to see what the frame rates would be like. The first time I tried it I went into the catalyst control center and I couldn't select crossfire. I turned my PC off and switched the crossfire bridge around and it worked. I don't know if it only works the one way or not but it's worth a shot.

hey freaksmacker i have tried a new crossfire bridge and i have even installed windows again it still won't work :(

have tried it but it doesn't work either

So it still doesnt work i think i'll just wait for new drivers

Sorry, crossfire is such a issue for you. I recommend maybe snooping through forums about the board itself. Googling the issue just leads to all the normal common issues. Drivers , powersupply, ect. If i were you,  I would post the ? to Asus themselves.


I have one last last idea. Does your gpu clock and memory clock match on both cards?

Hey freaksmacker i will try to do that and no they dont match but that shouldnt be an issue should it?? Only the amount of gb has to match aswell as the chip right?

 This is just a idea, try setting the gpu clock and memory clock on the the highest card to the settings the card with the lowest gpu clock and memory clock.  I have always sli'd and crossfired cards that have matched gpu clock and memory clocks. People have crossfired mismatched stuff before but I dont.

Well here is the thing one of the card gpu clock is higher but the memory clock is lower than the other card so should i just configure the second card with the same clock. Speeds as the primairy one?

I would go with the lowest clock. I remind you it may not work. Its worth a try. Lowest gpu clock and lowest memory clock. Then fresh install the ccc.reboot

Hey freaksmacker have tried it but it doesn't work :( i'll just wait for new drivers and if that doesnt work im just gonna sell one card en buy another one that is de exact same one as gpu 1