Can't disable web search from start menu in windows 10

Hi Everyone,

I am at my wits end.

Could someone please help me disable web results in the windows 10 start menu?
(I am using windows 10 Pro version 2004, May update).

I have already googled it and tried the following things:

  1. Removed cortana app via powershell.
  2. Blocked search app, start and search UI via windows firewall.
  3. Group policy, have the following options configured and ran gpupdate /force 1
  4. Added suggested registry entries to disable bing search and cortana

This is what happens when I type in the search box as an example. See how it is still searching bing. How can I disable this?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: the closest I got was by disabling windows search via an outbound rule in firewall settings, but i’d like the option of web search removed altogether.

hmm … that’s weird. I’m not getting that web result, only a link that will open a browser and search there.
Just checked my setup list, and I have nothing special there to block web search. Never seen it on any of the other machines that I set up either.

Are you in the US by any chance? This might be a regional thing.

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Follow this guide. It works like a charm!

Sorry but it’s none of these. I did some digging and found what it was.


Create dword 32 bit value


Set value to 1

Notice in the screenshot the web opttion at the top is gone now.