Cant decide on 680 or 7970

i dont know witch one to pick for my build i will be doing gaming, streaming, editing videos ect. can someone explain to me witch one would be better and i dont plan on overclocking and if i do it wont be by mutch 


p.s im going to sleep so if i dont reply back thank you guys

7970 will beat 680 in the end 

only benefits from 680 is the few softwares that make use of cuda cores to do everything faster but some of that software is going to make use of opencl which is amd equivelant u could say

tl:dr 7970

If you decide on a 680, i highly reccomend an evga or asus, and for amd, sapphire or asus imo those are the best companies for support, and they honor rebates

the 680 seems to do a bit better on fps games, but if you're in to other genres as well as fps id go with the 7970. Also i think amd cards come with some free games (if you're in to that)