Can't cool machince :(

Hi Not sure if this is right thread.

I have just built a new pc I have fx 8350 with a Asus m5a99x evo v2 MB running a Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler 2*14m intake fans and 1 14m exhaust
NO OVERCLOCK though I went this way for that purpose. It idles at 45c playing games it goes upto 65c , and yes everything is seated right good paste from Noctua.  

Can anyone give some advise and what are the best settings to use please be Specific ( not just oh just adjust voltage ) I'm new to this need a clear answer thx.
One thing I did notice fan aren't working that hard.

I want to get this sorted before I even think about Overclocking.


Have you tried to reapply thermal paste?