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Can't Connect to FreeNAS Server After a Reboot

I recently moved my FreeNAS box to a different location in my house, and now I can no longer connect to it. For shits and giggles, I moved it back to where it was, and plugged it back into my switch in my office, but I still can’t connect to it. Originally, I didn’t have any users created for it, but now I created a user with the hopes that doing so would resolve my issues.

Unfortunately, I can’t just reinstall FreeNAS and start over, as currently, this is the only place I have some of my files. Yes, I know that’s stupid, and I really do need to practice what I preach when it comes to backups.

I’m really hoping that I just forgot to check a box somewhere, and it’s nothing major, but after pulling hair for a few hours, I’m lost.

Are you sure it’s the NAS’s fault? Unmount the disk in Win and scan smb again.

SMB Scans are just for printers, aren’t they? And after unmounting the volume, I can’t reconnect to it at all.

Are you using dhcp to obtain IPs for the boxes?

I am using DHCP, but my server and desktop have an IP address assigned on the router on the DHCP table.

So the desktop and the server have their address assigned to them ON them?

Or are they requesting one FROM the router?

You can just reinstall FreeNAS, your files are on completely different disks. After you a fresh install you can import your existing pool.

(but check if the IP address just changed, first)

By the way, there’s absolutely no reason to censor your private IP addresses, they’re not routable.