Can't choose between keyboards

Ok guys I need a new keyboard. The corsair K70 or Ducky Shine 3? I like the LEDs on shine but I like the look of K70, not that I don't like the looks of the shine. Both are with Mx browns. Both have customizable LEDs where you can chose which keys stay on. But the ducky has those fancy patterns. So which should I buy I'm torn between the two.

I dont own either but i was looking at the K70 and think its better out of the two.

Hmm I think I might get a K70. It has multimedia keys which I use.. A lot lol. I think I'm set on the K70 and going to buy the Maxkeyboard cherry mx key cap set.  


I have owned the K70 for about 5 months now and it is by far the best keyboard that I have ever owned. The build quality is second to none and it looks great. I haven't had a single issue so far. Overall, it really is a great keyboard.

Hmm I'm really liking the Ducky. How ever I really like my media keys... But I think I can live without it.