Can't boot Void Linux through rEFInd

When I try to boot Void through rEFInd, I get this error:

I thought it was because I didn’t have EFI mounted so I mounted it on /boot/efi, but no good.

Your boot path is incorrect on the initrd line.
should be initrd=/boot/initramfs-5.12.19_1.img or initrd=boot/initramfs-5.12.19_1.img if you are doing something weird

Remember Unix uses / (forward slashes/ to separate directories.

Oh. That was the default. Didn’t do other configuration. Although I tried to see if Btrfs works last night , and it did.

I assumed it was an issue with XFS driver.

Interesting. I don’t use void (yet) so I don’t know how it builds the initramfs but if it uses mkinitcpio (arch uses this) then you are going to want to invoke this manually to put the new initramfs where you need it. If it uses mkinitramfs (debian style) then again, you are going to want to invoke this manually.

Is the UUID specified pointing to the xfs disk or the btrfs disk?

I didn’t really do any configuration. rEFInd couldn’t see Void (when it was on XFS) because of the missing driver, which I obtained from the link provided in the official documentation.

And the result was the picture on the post.

I had a similar with Arch on Btrfs, except on that case, I needed to fully shutdown my laptop before accessing rEFInd again because it can’t find any OSes on the secondary SSD (where Arch & Void are currently installed). I made a custom menu entry thinking that I needed to do that, but it was a waste.