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Cant boot if using AIO PUMP header on MB!help!

Im using a fractal celsius s 24 aio cooler(3700x/asus tuf x570) but it wont boot if i use the aio pump header on the MB.Currently im using the cpu fan header but i want to use the “correct” one.
Anyone ever had this issue?


Lots of boards won’t boot if you don’t plug something into the CPU fan header. That’s pretty normal.

Just plug a case fan into it, maybe the fans on the rad?


I remember having a setting to ignore that on some board, can’t remember what it was though. But you might have it in the BIOS, so … :wink:


Go into the bios, under monitor, disable monitoring of the CPU fan.

You should be able to boot now.

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Sorry everyone!I didnt get any notification.I just returned it and bought the aorus master x570.Very happy with it.