Can't Access my router

I have just placed a sky router behind my talk talk router however I can't access the settings in order to configure it.

Normally I would use the HTTP connection on however this is not working. I can detect the router on this ip using a scanner and traffic flows normally through it giving me full access to the outside router and internet.

Dose anyone have any idea how to connect to it?

(yes I have done a factory reset)

Wait, router behind router? How about connecting directly?

It's a necessity the first one is the only one with an ADSL line and the second is the only one with wireless (I can't afford to buy new equipment).

So the first device is a modem, and the second device is a router+AP?

The first is a combined router and modem but yes

Okay so if I'm understanding correctly you have a router/modem and a not shit router plugged into it. Same setup as me.

Since your PC should have DHCP on check your computers default gateway. That should be the IP of your router. You might need to unplug them if your router/modem is using the same IP scheme. I have my AT&T shit using and my good router is on If they are both on then both your routers would be using and you wouldn't be able to access either.

Since both of my routers are using different IPs then I can access both from my network at the same time without unplugging them.

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The outside routers address is and that is what it has defaulted to.

Doing a tracert just now it dose not even register the inside router. It seems like it is acting like a switch.

EDIT: But it is there as i can scan for it

Unplug > configure and change IP scheme > plug back in > enjoy.

one moment I will try that

I had that problem before after I reset my router for something unrelated. The poor Linksys Rep I was chatting with had run out of troubleshooting solutions about 30 seconds into my explanation of everything I had done to fix the router. Ended up resetting it and couldn't access it any more and realized they were both trying to use a 192 address.

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Thank you it worked, it would only let me connect to it once I had isolated it and it wasn't forwarding by default.
I just configured the DHCP service and I am good to go.


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This is because your router behind a router setup doesn't allow for passthrough of packages, basically your primary router is on a seperate network then your home network.

There is nothing wrong with having this setup. Regardless of it being the only solution in many cases given garbage ISP equipment. The problem was that the good router he has is being given an IP on the 192 spectrum from the ISP router and his good router is trying to also use the 192 spectrum. The IP addresses were conflicting. I told my ISP router to use my good router configured as a passthrough for all internet traffic. This means that my good router has my public IP address but it will still allow me to connect to my ISP router at