Can't access BIOS. Halp!

Hi guys,

I've already posted several concerns about new PC build, and everyone has been great about helping me resolve each one. Now, the build is totally finished except for the OS. However, I ran into a "missing driver" problem during Windows 7 install, so I tried to go to my BIOS to change the HDD interface from SATA to IDE, which people said would fix the issue. However, I can't access the BIOS at all now, as it just takes me to "Insert Bootable Device" if no disk is installed, or begins Windows 7 installation if that disk is inserted. My board is the MSi 970A-G46 for AM3+. Anybody with a solution, please help. I am getting very angry at Arnold, my computer.

You need to hit a key while the PC is powering up to enter the BIOS normally the delete key sometimes it is one of the function keys, I think on the MSI boards it is the delete key

hit power and keep hitting the delete key and you should get into your BIOS