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Cannot run host application (for Windows) second instance

This is my first post on this forum so hello everyone.

So far I have used two instances of Looking Glass version B2-rc0 to share the screens from two monitors. But I had a problem with evdev mouse and keyboard. I had big lag after the host application was running for a long time.
So I installed the B2 stable version, hoping to solve the problem. Unfortunately, more than one instance at the same time of the host program cannot be started after the upgrade. Please advise what can I do to fix this problem?


Why RC0? RC = Release Candidate for Beta2… please use B2.

evdev mouse and keyboard

This is not LG related but libvirt/qemu.

share the screens from two monitors.

This is not supported at this time, there is no workaround/solution.

Sorry, I wrote wrong. I was using RC2 not RC0 when version B2 was not yet available. With RC2, dual monitor sharing worked fine.

In RC2 version, I was able to run two LG instances in Windows. Each used an independent swap file in RAM. And it worked nicely.

It was possible to run two LG instances in Windows, in the RC2 version of the program. So is it possible to restore this functionality in subsequent LG versions?

It was not by design, mutliple monitors should be handled by once instance and is a planned feature. The inabillity to run two instances is intentional as it’s required with the run as service feature. So no, I am sorry it will not be reverted to this state.

Thank you for your answer. Is it possible to estimate when support for multiple monitors from one LG instance will be available?

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Perhaps use SPICE instead of evdev which LG does support? I really don’t know sorry as I don’t use evdev.

Okay. I will try this option. Thank You.

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