Cannot Remove Bluetooth Device From PC

Hello friends. My computer’s Bluetooth device is having a problem. I want to remove the Bluetooth device from the Windows 10 computer. But I can’t remove it from the PC in any way even after trying it. I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone help me to fix this issue? It will be very appreciated.

You can probably disable the device in Device Manager. But removing it will just cause Windows to rescan and reinstall the driver.

The actual Bluetooth hardware is probably part of your WiFi card. If you have the drivers for one then you have the drivers for both. Windows will just go look around for drivers for PCI ID blahblah:blah and look, there they are!

Try to mark it disabled. I think that’s your only hope.


Thanks for replying. But you didn’t understand my issue. I don’t want to disable Bluetooth on my PC but rather want to remove a Bluetooth device I paired with my PC earlier. I was able to fix the issue after I found this ( on Google. I had to uninstall the Bluetooth device from the Device Manager. Once I did that, the device was removed. Thanks for trying to help.