Cannot post replies

Here's an example for all

Or go into terminal and force the DNS entries:

It keeps showing up as error occured, and the preview does not work when I type or anything.

Your posting replies now..
When you reply are you trying to include any code or similar? There is a 'feature' that sometimes prevents certain things from being posted. It's not very good.
Got any more detail?

The reply preview.. it doesn't show anything? What browser are you using? Any plugins that might stop things running?

Google chrome, firefox. Only stylish and ublock origin are running. (On my windows build atm)

What I wanted to post is in post #2 but it keeps erroring out on me.

EDIT: I'm guessing it's on my end, I'll do some tests and I'll get back to you. (The preview now suddenly works...)

EDIT 2: I've checked my connection and system, it seems to keep coming up with error occurred.