Cannot post in a specific thread

I cannot post in this thread. For some reason I am getting 404 forbidden.

I have tried logging out and logging in again, using a different browser and waiting a few hours. I was able to make a test reply in the lounge.

have you tried clearing cookies?

No but I tried with a different browser with which I never login to the forum.

hmm werid

What are you trying to post? If it's a path to a linux system file or some other command or code it will sometimes trigger an error. Even when using the pre-formatted text option. You may have to insert some extra spaces in between slashes or something.

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That worked! Thank you! Is this a known bug?

I assume so, there's a post about it in the bugs section but I haven't heard much from the mods about if it's a bug or a feature.

it is there to limit the amount of XSS bugs they have to deal with. this help prevent unwanted code from running when you type something into a text box.