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Cannot install Manjaro on Lenovo P51

I wanted to install Manjaro on my old P51 work PC but I fail to get started properly.

I have created a Manjaro boot USB stick with another Manjaro PC using the disk utility and the restore disk functionality. I then entered the BIOS of the P51 and disabled secure boot and now I’m fscing the following screen:

error: unkown filesystem
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue> ls
(hd0) (hd1)

Other ppl woth this problem seem to have entries like (hd0.msdos0) but I don’t have any of that. Shouldn’t I be able to maybe fix the MBR or just install Manjaro? I don’t care about any data left - there isn’t any - on the disks.

Any help would be appreciated :blush:

Disable fastboot as well.

Transfer the HDD/SSD into another computer and reformat it. Try to reformat the entire laptop drive into GPT. If it still fails, try MBR.

Make sure UEFI is enabled in your BIOS as well. I think if you put it in legacy mode, you may need to be running MBR for the laptop drive.


Thanks, I forgot about that! Then again, I think when I looked there was no “fastboot” option, judt “quick boot” where I could judt between “normal” and “diagnostics”. Didn’t make a difference though…

This might be problematic given it’s an NVMe drive and I don’t have an easy way of connecting it to a third PC. Moreover, why does the boot stick even care?

Also thanks, but I checked and it is enabled.

Ok I had a look and there is no fastboot option in the BIOS.

I seem to have messed up the install medium. I restored a disk, which is different from creating an installer and creating said installer solved my issue.

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Can you elaborate what happened?

Sure, so I was using the disk utility functionality of GNOME to restore the ISO file to the usb thumb drive. I thought I had done so before for similar things, butaybe I’m wrong. Anyway, the restore functionality is not the same as as copying the data to the thb drive via dd or imagewriter (which uses dd under the hood).

So, using dd resulted in a bootable thumb drive :slight_smile: