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Cannot get EGL to work, poor performance, unusual configuration

So I have looking glass VM -> VM setup. My configuration is a linux mint 18 client with nvidia GTX 950 (proprietary 384 drivers) and a Windows 10 running the host which is using an GVT-g slice. The host in this case is Unraid 6.8.0-rc7. So basically just a weird all around configuration.

I’m running Beta1 everything.

My first issue is I cannot get the client to start with EGL (the default). I get this:

./looking-glass-client spice:enable=no -a -f /dev/uio0 -L 32[I]               main.c:996  | run                            | Looking Glass (B1-rc6-6-gb979752989+1)
[I]               main.c:997  | run                            | Locking Method: Atomic
[I]                egl.c:187  | egl_initialize                 | Double buffering is on
[I]                egl.c:201  | egl_initialize                 | Multsampling enabled, max samples: 4
[I]               main.c:902  | try_renderer                   | Using Renderer: EGL
[I]               main.c:1183 | run                            | Using Clipboard: X11
[I]               main.c:1259 | run                            | Waiting for host to signal it's ready...
[E]        crash.linux.c:172  | crit_err_hdlr                  | ==== FATAL CRASH (B1-rc6-6-gb979752989+1) ====
[E]        crash.linux.c:173  | crit_err_hdlr                  | signal 11 (Segmentation fault), address is 0x720
[E]        crash.linux.c:201  | crit_err_hdlr                  | [trace]: (0) /usr/lib/nvidia-384/ [0x7fbcd347dae9]

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this or get the stack trace. It occurs to me now I should try updating the system as the VM uses a somewhat old installation. It seems like EGL is probably the default for a reason.

If I switch to opengl renderer, LG starts and I get a connection. But it seems pretty choppy and I notice a lot of screen tearing, generally I’m not very sensitive to tearing. Indeed, if I run the FPS switch I’m seeing 24UPS and 15FPS. This happens when watching a video, not running anything heavy. The guests cpu and gpu usage are pretty low in this scenario.

Its possible the poor performance is just because LG doesn’t get along with gvt-g, as another recent user found. I plan to try out a separate video card instead to rule that out.

GTX950 is too old to support EGL, please use the OpenGL renderer. There are some critical fixes coming for B2 that should address the other issues you state.

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Thanks. I’m using the GTX950 mostly as its available for my test rig, my plan was to use a GTX1060 in the final build. Would EGL provide better performance or do you believe my other issues are mostly unrelated?