[Canada] Would appreciate any suggestions on my part lists

Posted a day ago, learned a lot from "Some Tech Noob" so thanks to him I was able to play around with some deals/parts and configure 2 part lists. One AMD and one Intel.

Basically before I buy today, I wanted to double check if everything was in order so I can get the best bang for buck PC possible.

Would like suggestions on if or how I can make this better without going over $850 budget by possibly changing the cooler, case or whatever. (I'm using the $150 extra to buy a monitor and a headset on my own)

And if it wouldn't be too much could you point me in the right direction as which build I should choose? (Heavily leaning towards the Intel atm).

I'll mainly be using this build for gaming and maybe some light streaming (only CS:GO / League of Legends on lowest settings) so I'd think the i5 would be better.

The two builds have a different case and cooling option as I have no idea which one is better.

I don't know if this motherboard would be better for the Intel build http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-motherboard-z87a

Link to the previous post if you're interested: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/build-pc/canada-please-help-first-1000-streaminggaming-pc/191278

Intel Part List:


AMD Part List:


So guys, what do you think?

1866 Memory, I dont think the H97 motherboard support this. get the 1600
timings are 7-8-8-24, so maybe its even better.

If it's mostly for gaming I would give up on Intel overclock, to invest in a nicer GPU.

Optional: switch motherboard to PRO M for 5$ seems a bit better.


GPU: I already bought the r9 290x like 10 mins after I posted lol, I was pretty set on it to begin with so I'd rather have my i5 so the PC can be more future proof.

Ram: are you sure the 1600 memory is better? o.O

Motherboard: Could you recommend me a better motherboard that supports that ram? Would this motherboard be better? http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-z97anniversary

Cooling/Case: What's your thoughts on those? Will they fit?

Its ok too, more CPU power less graphics. BUT then two things:

1) you need a Z97 motherboard for OC, which will also allow you to have higher freq RAM.

2) I worry about that PSU, 290x is a power hungry thing.
and you want to OC the CPU too. It will run, but not optimal (working at 50%).

For the budget, I'd go H97 and no OC. Cancel the 290x order?

About RAM, If the timings are correct (maybe false info), then it should be same/better.

Cooling, I like noctua or thermalright high end air coolers. You will pay more but maybe reuse for future builds?

Edit: case seems fine.




Motherboard: Alright I guess I'll go with this motherboard http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-z97anniversary

GPU: Well I mean the 970 is $100 more after taxes and everything so I'd rather save lol. R9 290x is comparable anyways price/performance wise.

PSU: Well I mean this one's for sale but how much wattage do you think I'll need?

Cooling & Case: I don't know if it makes that much of a difference, high-end air coolers are fairly expensive (2.5x the price i think). I just want to know between both of the builds which case and/or cooling option is better.

Going to go with this build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/xqJN99

Thanks for the help finalizing my build, I'm really happy about it