Can you run Centos 6 on Epyc Milan in a virtual machine?

I was wondering it it is possible to run an older os like Centos 6 in a virtual machine on newer hardware, like Epyc Milan, that isn’t supported by Centos 6. I need to tests an Epyc evaluation machine with Centos 7, but the software I need only runs on Centos 6. Before I start messing up the install, I was wondering if this is theoretically possible. It seems like it might work. I was experimenting with Virtualbox, but I might be able to get some vmware product if VirtualBox cant do it but vmware can.

Even if it’s not (officially) supported, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. And besides, it’s a VM, just delete the file and start again :wink:

I’ve got a pair of CentOS 5.11 boxen somewhere running on an EPYC 7351P.

The only caveat is that the virtio GPU driver isn’t supported that far back, so use QXL. Virtio NIC and block devices are present doing back at least as far as CentOS 4.8.

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I have centos 6.8 running in a virtualbox vm on an epyc machine, so that part does work. I don’t know yet if I can bridge the infinband interfaces to get the software actually functional. The infinband interfaces are operating in IPoIB mode. I am not sure how the virtual machine interacts with the network driver. That part may not work with infinband, so I may just need to hook up some extra machines to the cluster to run the centos 6 based software.