Can you replace the CMOS battery?

So this is my first build and i got my uncle to help me, but i think he screwed me over. I have the asus z97-a, Its a little overkill but I was greedy. Anyway I left some of the parts at his house and he began assembling it without even having all the parts there and he put in the cpu with the fan over it but without putting the thermal paste on, i can take that off and still put it on right? (We haven't finished it yet, i still have to buy power supply and gpu)

And also he took out the CMOS battery and said,"You don't need this, you're supposed to take this out when you get a motherboard"

Upon a little research i found out that it still should be in there, so can i buy another of the same kind and put it in there???

CMOS battery is a standard CR2032 watch battery, and yes you can replace them. They are normally like $5 or so at most stores.

You can take the heatsink off and put thermal paste on. I suggest watching Tek Syndicate's own video on how to apply thermal paste.

Here you go:


Yeah pea or BB is what I use. Center and place the heatsink so it spreads evenly. Don't pull it up once it sits. If you pull it up even a little clean it with alcohol and try again. Logan was on point with the lexan to show it spreading. Good share.

Without a battery on the mobo it's a brand new day for your bios every time the system is unplugged or the power goes out. It shouldn't be the end of the world if you don't overclock, but like the previous poster said you can get them at any department store in the jewelry section or at a pharmacy.

Just a note of caution. On some laptops that have Intel/McAfee anti-theft technology, removing the CMOS battery can lock the system completely. I'm not sure what the workaround for this is (perhaps something in BIOS/UEFI), but it can happen.

This is not a laptop. This is an ASUS Z97-A ATX motherboard for a desktop PC.

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