Can you recommend anti-virus / security software?

Can you guys recommend some software to deal with security, virus's and all in between. (an "All in one" if possible)

NOTE - I want to pay for the software, and not get a free version (as many free versions don't offer much)

Thanks in advance.

AVG? I think its free anyway for the full version but I may be wrong. I have AVG and Spybot and thet work great. Never had a virus.

grab your self  nod 32 anti-virus its one of the best pay for all in one anti-virus and internet security packs you can get that dosent kill off your system resources


They all suck.


Use your sane mind.

Just don't go downloading torrents labelled "free malware," and you should be fine. All antiviruses suck, so take it upon yourself to keep your computer virus free. 

Btidefender is the one I am using, the Free Edition.  Just because it is free does not mean it is horrible.  Though there is a paid version.


You can get past any malware, virus or whatever if you have Common Sense 2013, an AV, and do regular scans.