Can you hot-plug an egpu/TB3 card on a M.2 PCIe on an AMD laptop as a thunderbolt alternative?

Thunderbolt 3 or an alternative like USB4 is not coming to AMD anytime soon, so in the mean time can you do that instead of buying an Intel laptop?
I can make a nice external M.2 slot, with an M.2 extension cable and a little carving for it.

I’m thinking of buying an octa core Ryzen 4000 laptop with Radeon discrete graphics (OSS driver) to be able to run Wayland but I want to be able to run an egpu (most likely, nvidia, unfortunately) for machine learning tasks.

what has to support it? the kernel and/or the bios and/or the card?
here’s an LTT video which lead me to think yes as answer to that ^, he said that it’s a special feature of the motherboard and the Intel storage PCIe card. but this is on Windows, he tried testing on Linux (Ubuntu) before fixing the bios settings but didn’t bother after.

here’s a relevant article The modernization of PCIe hotplug in Linux

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Thenderbolt is on AMD desktop already.
It’s rolling out to laptops, despite license fee’s to Intel (AMD will pay license fees to the competition. It’s the real world here…)

I as far as I’ve read before, I thought that only a few Threadripper motherboards shipped with Thunderbolt port and it didn’t work because of no BIOS support. But It looks like you’re right on your first point.

Now, I can’t wait for Ryzen 5000+ mobile laptops to come out, so I still need to look into this question.

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I really feel you though, I’ve been waiting for a while for a Ryzen laptop to allow me to use an eGpu when stationary, and Thunderbolt seemed a really good way

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