Can we follow AGESA version evolution?

Hi there, I’m pretty new here. I found a document named AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture issued in January 2017. I guesse AGESA is a package to help mobos manufacturer implements ryzen features, that’s why the new update came at september 10th and we’ll have to wait after manufacturers to bring new updated BIOS. The new update doesn’t concern me since I have a 1st gen threadripper and that update was brought up to fix the desktop boost clock issues.
My concern at this moment is that I updated the BIOS maybe two times, the first time was to update from the bios it was already there, I don’t remember which one (pre 0808), to the 0808 version of my board, it was just system stability improvement, then updated to the newest one, the 1002, that comes with the updated AGESA I think I lost the +200 Mhz XFR boost or I just forgot where it was in the bios.
My question is, how can I know when to stop updating my bios, I presume that at some point the AGESA optimization for the the first gen threadripper or even desktop processor will stop improving, am I right? I’ll try to reflash to an older version to check what is different or what is the same, but those bios menus doesn’t mean that much to me, but I’ll learn for sure.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

I.e. if you’re not missing a (for you) critical feature, there is no reason to upgrade BIOS.


yeah that’s what we say, but there are so much user who doesn’t have any idea on what’s hidden inside the new stuff, and since the retrocompatibility is greatly embrace by AMD. the update won’t stop coming anytime. I forgot to reflash my mobo to see if my 1900x activate XFR. it did before the update. I think I’ll try it now ahah since I’m still talking about it. and under performance doesn’t really mean broken. I’m pretty sure there are always a little optimization done so, so if you want it, you’ll have to take it.

Chances are if they don’t know what’s in it, they also don’t need it. If you’re waiting for a certain feature/fix/whatever you’re going to know which update it’s in.

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