Can we chill with the hype trains?

The hype trains around every launch are getting out of hand. AMD Zen is the most recent one, but that's not the only hype train that we've been running around perpetuating. I mean fuck, the Gtx 1080 and Gtx 1070 hype train was insane and unrealistic as fuck. I mean shit guys, we were hyped off shit like this:

As If Relative VR Gaming Performance has any merit or reasoning for us to be running around screaming about how amazing Pascal was going to be. Now we have had one singular actual benchmark from AMD, using a down-clocked Intel cpu to compare against where the amd one by a tiny margin, and we're running around like Zen is actually the second coming. Have we not learned our lesson? Not saying Zen won't be great or cool, but fuck like we have one benchmark and people are running around preaching that Zen will be the best thing ever period. We need to chill and actually wait for some third party benchmarks... Plus, we know nothing of pricing. There was a post on one of those "AMD gaming pc build," threads, where some user was insinuating that the 8 core Zen will be priced like the 6 core 5820k/6800k. As if that will happen if AMD themselves are comparing against the 6950k...

Please, just wait for more information and third party results before we start running around screaming about how great something is. We did it with Pascal, and that was, well, not nearly as much as was pitched to us by Nvidia. Now, we have a single Benchmark straight from AMD (and we know that all manufacture's are going to cherry pick a bit in what they show) showing a slight edge, and we're losing our shit. Its getting out of hand considering the information we have.

When we have more information, we can go crazy and all, but let's not lose our shit over a single benchmark for a product that may not launch still for another 4-6 months. Nor buy into benchmarks straight from the manufactures as if their gospel or fully representative of the entire product in every use case. Nvidia got us way to hyped doing that, AMD has done that before, and so has Intel.

This isn't to bash any one brand in particular, I harped on Zen a lot because its the most recent example but I want to make this clear that I want us to chill for hype trains of ALL brands. EVERY brand has started hype trains going and has exaggerated the performance of a product at one time or another. So, please, take the chill pill and wait for those third party benchmarks before we go bat shit crazy.

asking people not to believe hype is like asking dogs not to piss on walls. they're going to do it no matter how many you manage to train not to.


Your not wrong, but I hope I can get a couple of the worst culprits, from every brand, to just take it down a notch. Maybe? Hopefully? Idk...

i don't follow AMD, but i'm going to assume it's like everything else, and the "evidence" for it being not as hype would lead you to believe was already there, and those who bothered to look for it managed their expectations, and those that didn't, didn't.

This time around, its not even as Much AMD hyping it as it is the AMD Fanboys. AMD kind of just said, yeah here this is, and the fanboys went crazy. They didn't do the janky Nvidia slide thing as much, they did a live benchmark against a down-clocked 6950k and beat it by a tiny margin, and the fanboys lost their shit and have ever since.

so you're saying fanboys did it. what are we going to do, then? manage threads by excitement level? have mods lock down any thread that has excited people in it?

be reasonable and file it under "shit that is really really annoying, but can't be helped."

I'm not saying that mods should do anything about it, I'm just asking that fanboys for every tech brand chill with the perpetuating hype. No reason for mods to censor people for being fans of a brand, I'm not even trying to address mods nor do I want too. The only reason I went out of my way to write this is because fans of every brand are going out of their way to post on every build thread about how such and such brand is going to launch a new product in the next 1 to 6 months and its going to be amazing so fuck whatever you like, buy this.

marketing 101
make a mountain out of a mole hill

as for trains...

So you are basically angry at fans for being fans?

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So, arguing with crazy people?

Good luck with that. xD

self justified stubborn narcisists

yes exactly

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I look down on those people. They are always wrong.


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There's a difference between a fan and the person that goes around doing that shit. A fan per say, doesn't do that. I'm a "fan" of AMD, and I don't go running around calling Zen the second coming. I'm a "fan" of Nvidia, but I didn't go around calling the 1080 the second coming. Most fans don't do that, fanboys do this. There are tons of AMD fans and Nvidia fans on these forums, but only a small amount of people actually run around claiming such and such product is the second coming. They're just a frustrating loud minority.

You won't lower the noise level by shouting at them. ;)

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Which is why I made this, make one post and ask to people chill and not go confront people in every post on every thread that they post in. My intent was that people would see this and hopefully think twice before shouting about whatever brand in whatever thread. Make my case once, and hope they chill out a bit instead of going through every thread and derailing every thread that a fanboy posts in.

I know I can never change the majority, but I hope that a couple will be persuaded.

AMD claimed 40% IPC improvement and this benchmark with Blender showed the IPC around Broadwell-E, which is clearly more than a 40%, going from an i5 3570K to an i7 6900K as far as AMD's 8-core parts go if we are comparing an FX 8350 to this Zen CPU, is a lot bigger than Intel's jumps, and that was an Engineering Sample at that, which tends to be slower and less stable than the final product.

That said, Intel has been really quiet about Kaby Lake, they claim something substantial by 2018 (or late 2017 if we are lucky) that might be after Kaby Lake.

And unlike the stupid Polaris tests with Doom w/Vulkan and AoTS, Blender isn't a program that is rarely used, it's fairly common as far as usage goes, especially people on Linux.

I don't know why you can't get it through your head, people are excited cause there is going to be some actual noticeable changes, the only reason why I am excited, I am still waiting on Intel to bring 6-cores to the mainstream (which might happen in a couple of years), the i7 5820K was close enough for me. Where was Intel anyways, the last substantal change was from Neleham to Sandy Bridge. Other than that, the improvements amount to less than going from i5 3570K to i7 6900K, I mean heck, they are losing profits between Skylake and Haswell, they profited more off of Haswell.

Before you mention Polaris, no, AMD said Polaris is basically suppose to be cheaper and more efficient cards than their predecessors, the Fury X remains their strongest card for now. Let's be honest though, Polaris was a flop, the RX 460 was too underpowered just to meet 75W, the RX 470 performed and costed way too close to the RX 480, the advantage is only 120W vs 160W and we already have a card like the RX 480, it's called a GTX 970, plus Async stuff and more VRAM though.

BUUUUUUTT, to answer your question, yes, people do need to take a chill pill, these CPUs aren't out, so we don't have extensive testing, I was just shocked to see AMD actually do well against a 6900K clock-for-clock (This benchmark was to show IPC, not raw performance).

Here's my problem with the Zen hype. Its off of one benchmark, and one benchmark that is undoubtedly a bit cherry picked. Its not a third party result. No, this is AMD doing a benchmark and not letting anyone have their hands on it. Plus, its probably 4 to 6 months out, and people are losing their shit now after only one benchmark. I don't care if your excited, go ahead. Nobody can fault you for that. But don't go advise people to act upon your hype for a product that is the better part of a half-year away. If your excited, cool, but don't tell people how to spend or not spend depending on your hype.

I'd actually argue Polaris was one of the more responsible launches to phrase it oddly. AMD showed rather spot on graphs, maybe a bit cherry picked with the AToS touting but hey thats fair. The last time AMD themselves made a really unrealistic hype train was the Fury Cards, which were a let down for a lot of people, myself included.

Not discounting blenchmark, but its only one test. Its not a suite of comparisons, its one test.

hype train has no chill
will derail the fanboys

yea the 1080 hype was pretty big let down. At least there's 1080 ti now and more coming around the corner. As for AMD they still need to prove themselves on the GPU side since 7970 era and for CPUs at least the 1090T era which was 6 years ago!

If anything game hype is the cancer of this industry.