Can The M.2 NVME Slots On The ASUS Pro WS WRX80E Only Be Used For Storage


I wished to purchase the ASUS Pro WS WRX80E for a Threadripper Pro (3995WX) workstation build, and wanted to purchase an M.2 to PCIe riser card to add an additional PCIe 3.0 x4 slot to the motherboard.

However, I heard from a system builder that the M.2 slots on the Asus can only be used for storage (not for PCIe cards when using a PCIe riser).

Does anyone know if this is true?

Thank you,

No personal experience with the MB. But based on the manual I would surmise it’s due to the location of the M.2 slots more than the lack of functionality.


You might be able to leverage the U.2 ports with an adapter such as this:

Definitely double check these are the right U.2 connectors (SFF-8643)

Disclaimer again, I’ve not used either the motherboard nor the adapter so cannot confirm functionality. YMMV!

I have dealt with the brand Micro SATA Cables before with other products and they have been solid. They tend to have a lot of boutique cables/adapters.

I am curious, there are a lot of x16 slots on the board. Will you be consuming/blocking every x16 slot and still need the additional x4 adapter from the M.2/U.2?