Can someone help me identify this LED on the Corsair K70 PCB?

I have disassembled my Corsair K70 and will be changing the switches to Cherry MX Blues and the LEDs to white. I know that the LEDs inside the keys are 3mm flangeless LEDs, however I am having trouble identifying the ones under the media keys. Pics related:

They look similar to 0805 or 1206 LEDs, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any ideas?

Have a caliper handy? 0805 will measure 0.08 x 0.05 inches and 1206 will measure 0.12 x 0.06 inches.

EDIT: Size chart,

Yeah, I just measured it in mm and it ended up being about 4mm.

Probably a 1206 or 1210 size LED then.

Oddly enough I may have found the manufacturer for the LEDs. I still find reverse mount LEDs to be a bit weird.

As an aside, the solder job on the LED you measured looks awfully dry. No wonder why there have been reports of LEDs dying on some Corsair keyboards.

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Thanks for helping me identify it. Do you have any idea where I can buy these reverse 1206 SMD LEDs?

If you're in the States, Digikey will probably be your best bet. I looked for some, but there's a grand total of one 1206 reverse mount LED in white it looks like, although I did find a regular mount 1305 LED that looks like it could work.

1206 Reverse Mount in White
1305 Regular Mount in White

Thanks again. It seems like they have 158,317 of the 1206 in-stock. I live in the US and the shipping prices are huge for anything over a pound! Do you think that 5 of these small LEDs would be 8-16oz in order to qualify for free shipping?

A handful of LEDs would weigh maybe a gram or two at most, they weigh almost nothing.