Can Sli or Crossfire run multi moniters

I want to build a computer and for the gpu I want to know if I can use two gtx 670 and use multi screen with sli gpu.

Yes. With most modern cards, you can do it with just one GPU. Two GTX 670s will do you just fine for a multi-monitor setup.

Certainly NOT!!!

Only a raspberry pi will run multi monitors. Unfortunately there isn't enough power in multiple desktop graphics cards at the minute.

Just have to wait a few years.

yes you can.

the pro's to crossfiring / sli and using multiple screens vs just using 2 gpus (one for each screen) is it keeps frame rate mote smooth when stuff is streched between multiple windows.


just plug one screen into each card, that way you dont have data going from one card to the other to output, as it will take up bandwidth.

lol your cruel :)

The GTX670 fully supports up to 4 displays ( 3 monitors with one accessory display ) This should only be limited by the display output configuration of the graphics card you have.

Additionally i would actually advise you connect both monitor to the same card ( from a configuration side ) this is easier in your display properties than having it connect to two different monitors.

Hope this helps. Please enjoy the rest of your day.