Can not access proxmox linux server containers ip with web browser

i have a problem i cannot find a answer for. running proxmox 7.1 created a turnkey fileserver container. i tried static ip and dhcp however no matter what when i try to reach the ip for the container in web browser it times out. i can ping the address no problem but not connect with web browser… so i created a vm instead and works fine, go figure… again i cant find any answers i want to run container not vm what am i missing???
supernoob curt

Turnkey fileserver is, I believe, a samba server. You do not access that with a web browser. You can login by proxmox provided console to configure samba. There may be a webmin login at https and port 12321 or 10000, can’t really remember the port. Good luck!

Have you tried putting the IP address into a File browser instead?

With smb:// or whatever the ip is?