Can no longer overclock AMD GPU with recent 5.7.x kernels

Basically I can’t overclock my GPU (RX480) anymore. I have been using radeon-profile to OC and it has been working fine for a while now. Overclocking works as it should when I boot into the stock Ubuntu kernel and up to 5.7.10 from mainline repos, but it does not seem to work under the 5.7.11 and 5.7.12 kernels. When trying to apply an overclock using commands in a terminal I get “invalid argument” errors. Interestingly changing the card’s power limit still works, just not clock changing (specifically core clocks).

Did something change within the 5.7 kernel in these last couple of releases? Are the commands to OC now different?

Apparently it was a regression introduced in a commit for the 5.8rc kernels. Seems to be fixed in the recently released 5.8.0. However, that kernel is now giving me issues with my Virtualbox guests. Oh well. Thread can be closed now, since the original issue is resolved.

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