Can new Ryzen 7000 series CPU's pass

Just curious, and maybe something for @wendell to test/do a deep dive video on. Can the iGPU on the new Ryzen 7000 series be passed through to a vm through IOMMU groups or other mechanism?

This could be usefull for basic tasks that people need windows for, Like your business uses MS Office (shudder) or some other proprietary windows garbage. Or people may want to tinker with linux but don’t want to fully commit to yet.

Just thoughts and courious :smiley:

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There are guides. Try it.

I would think so, though I just tried starting to set stuff up with virt-manager and in task manager it only found 1 virtual core even though I allocated 6 so I’m going to have to learn about VM stuff and figure out what might be going on for that to show up weird. Also want to figure out how to set it up so one nvme is dedicated to that virtual machine.