Can I upgrade to a 8350 with this motherboard?


I have a HP=1100z fx 6100 hd 6770 computer that i bought from HP.  Will this work upgrading to fx 6100, I know under processer upgrade it says that the only up to the 8150 is supported but Ive seen HP sell the the 8350 with this motherboard, is there a bios update i need, Can I do it without one, sorry Im new to this, theres a good computer shop that can change it for me for $50 bucks, should I do that? im just worried that it wont work for some reason.  Made a mistake not to build my own

M3970AM-HP (Angelica2)


The page you linked to lists the exact processors you can upgrade to. The 8350 needs and AM3+ chipset and yours is an AM3-b so it wont work.


yes but later on HP sold an 8350 model with the same motherboard, isnt the fact i have an fx 6100 mean I have an am3 plus board, whats the difference In am3-b and am3 plus

Hm, I guess I should eat crow. I found this:

Socket AM3 was launched on February 9, 2009 as the successor to Socket AM2+. As you know Socket AM3 added support for DDR3 SDRAM and those processors will not work in older sockets. The newer Socket AM3+ or AM3b design that came out in October 2011 is a modification of the AM3 Socket to run Bulldozer processors. It still retains compatibility with AM3 processors.

The AM3+ Socket specification contain has 942-pins, which is an increase of one over the AM3 Socket's 941-pin. They unblocked one of the blocked off pins on the AM3 socket design, so that is how it works. 

You can put an AM3 processor in an AM3+ socket, but not the other way around.

So I guess AM3-b is AM3+ in which case it should work just fine.

Can i just pop it in without any bios updates....i upgraded to windows 8, and there is a bios update for windows 7 for this cpu, can I just skip it and pop it in?

That I couldn't tell you, although I would see no reason why you wouldn't just update the bios to the most recent one regardless.

Not the wizest thing to do. Get a better mb.