Can I SLI a 2GB 760 with a 4GB 760?

So in September I bought a 2GB Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce r2.0 GPU and I've been wondering if I can SLI it with the 4GB version of  the card and use it as the main/master card so I can have the 4GB of VRAM with the SLI or will I only be able to get 2GB of VRAM even if I use the 4GB version of the card. I don't nessecarially want to do this at the moment, but I've been wondering for a while now if it is possible. 

2GB & 4GB card:

also in case it is important here is my PC's specs:

sure and yes only 2gb :p

I have heard of mobos that allow mix matching msi bigbang or biostar tpower cant remember but it uses the lower vram rating ie 2gb+4gb would be stepped down to 2 gb. This is extremely rare to find and may be obsolete I think it was a lucid chipset or hydro not sure its still used. I remember biostar having this feature but i cant remember is it was sli/crossfire, gpu/apu combo or mix match vram but it may do all 3.

It was MSI Fusion you could use amd with nvidia ie a 560ti with a 580 amd7000 and a gtx series or onchip gpu with pcie gpu any gpu combo. By the way if you look at the 2gb 760 sli performance benchmarks they are really amazing 3dmark 760 sli x2 score is on par with a gtx 780. But the overall investment to get gtx760 4gb sli is more expensive then grabbing a 780 right now. If you doing multiscreen sharing during gaming or seeing some bottlenecking you dont like Id sell your 760 2gb on ebay international shipping they are getting $220+ for them which is alot a 4gb 760 is $260 this week on newegg. With selling your 760 and getting another $100 bucks spending cash your buying a 4gb 770 thats pretty awesome.

i would sell the GTX760 and buy a GTX780, im not a big fan of dual gpu setups at all, because you need a decent psu with enough power to power a dual gpu setup, if you dont have one, you need to buy one, second, if you play gaes that have good optimization for sli, then yea it would be great, but there are also alot of games, with realy a bad optimization for dual gpu setups, and those games gonne be a pain in the ass.

I would personaly allways go for a highend single gpu setup, instead of dual midrange cards.

Also getting a 4GB GTX760 is totaly pointless, because a GTX760 is noway powerfull enough to utilize the 4GB of vram. since you allready own a 2GB GTX760, getting a 4GB version is totaly pointless.

if you can even Sli those two cards..., then still, you cannot utilize the 4 gb at all. but it will run as 2GB. so its basicly pointless.

Grab a 2gb if you want to sli, its a waste otherwise.

I have 2x 4gb windforce v2  760's in sli. Outperforms a 780ti by a fair bit in everything I've thrown at it thus far. Plus it cost me a shit load less (then again i got the cards 2nd hand)

I run at 2560x1600 and I often use well over the 2gb memory mark - sometimes 3.2+ in modded skyrim etc.

I havent run into any sli issues thus far. If there is a specific title that you really like to play and there is a known sli issue then sell off your card and grab a higher end one.

Thank you everyone for answering my question. When it comes time to upgrade I will probably end up selling my 760 and getting a 780 or keeping my 760 and buying a 770 and use my 760 as a dedicated physx card. Hopefully there will be a price drop for the 4GB 770 when the 770ti comes out so it will be closer to my price range.