Can I save my MSI RTX 3070 Suprim? Looking for repair tips

Hey guys,

I got this MSI RTX 3070 Suprim some time ago for cheap, because it artifacted. But in a weird way, moving objects are usually clear and readable. I thought it might be worth the risk, probably just bad BIOS, right? I registered the card based on serial number and model of the card checked out.

Before flashing, CPU-Z has only shown correct cards stats if no Nvidia driver was installed (see screenshots) and after flashing correct BIOS, it did so even after driver is installed. I did DDU uninstall all drivers and tried fresh, no change.

Card itself really bad BIOS. It had BIOS of another card, MSI RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO. So I got my hands on nvflash that was patched, so it allowed you to ignore ID mismatch and used it to flash (probably) correct BIOS.

But artifacts still go on, I am about ready to dismantle it and make sure there is no “too much pressure” on GPU die, also checking if silicon is really consistent with model of the GPU.

It has dual BIOS, so I tried to flashing both and I include lots of screenshots of my journey.

Can you please suggest any other steps?


try re-flashing with an original bios if the card still works.

try underclocking the ram, idk if you can do it at the vbios level but that would be prefered

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What does it say about the card in device manager screenshots of the tabs would be helpful.
The GPU_Z SS almost looks like when a card is not set up correctly.
I got an EVGA GTX 1060 off eBay that has an artifact, guy stated it had a fresh paste job done.
I removed and cleaned up his bad paste job and replied, all worked well after that.
This may not be your case but might be worth a look.

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I did try original BIOS, I also tried BIOS you suggested (which is for slightly different model - Suprim 8 X and Suprim ought to be different), but to no avail. Thanks anyway, this is one thing I did not try yet.

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adapter microsoft?
and adapter nvidia?..
you have an igpu on that build? if so your sure you didnt try to flash it with the 3070 bios?..

Thats just how Windows marks GPU without proper drivers installed. And yes, I have iGPU, just without drivers installed, so it does not even show in device manager.

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Well, infamous error 43. Heard of it, ignored it, oughta look at it or lose lot of money on 3XXX NVIDIA GPUs :smiley: