Can I safety glue a heatsink back onto a motherboard?

One of the heatsinks (I think it was the northbridge) came off. One of the plastic pins looks to have snapped.

I'm just wondering if I can replace the thermal paste on the chip/die and just glue the heatsink back down. or if super glue would react with the silicon.

Silicon is not something easy to glue Jeremy ,you need a special "surface activator" chemical to prepare the silicone ,super glue i don't think it's going to stick , can you specify exactly which part or post a picture maybe more people can help you .

Use thermal epoxy. or thermal tape.

I don't have a camera- A pin broke off the Northbridge heatsink, but one pin is still good.


different motherboard, but it's pretty much the same:

Yes, that double sided thermal tape.


how would the thermal adhesive be able to hold the weight of the heatsink? it's a tiny, tiny spot on the chip.

This works very well, same stuff used for the arctic accelero cooler heatsinks.


Super glue wont work as the high temps will make it brittle and the cooler will fall.

How well will it handle the weight of the heatsink? This computer will be used in a dorm and will get moved to and from a bit...

so this is pretty much a two part epoxy for thermal use...odd...

if you apply enough it will easily stick, that heatsink on the motherboard isn't that heavy.

apply the double sided thermal tape and for extra protection turn your pc to the side so the heat sink will just lay on top of the chip.

okay, thanks-


can I use a double sided foam pad/tape (not thermal pads) to stick it down for more security?