Can I run Video and internet over one ethernet cable?

Would it be possible to run video and internet on one ethernet cord simotanisly? It would look somthing like this......



TV--HDMI Cord--HDMI to ethernet adapter--Ethernet Cord--

                                                                                  ----2  Way Ethernet splitter---Ethernet cord---          Ethernet port on back of computer---Ethernet Cord---         

Then it would be the same going back accepted instead of tv on the top it would go to the video card and the router on bottom instead of ethernet on back of computer. Hopefully the diagram is somewhat understandable. Maybe its unnecessary to answer my question anyway.

should be fine. only thing is that Ethernet "splitters" are bad. you want a switch instead.

Alright thanks man ill go with a switch. Will the quality of the internet or video be degraded at all? 

I don't think this will work. The HDMI adapter will just use the ethernet cable to pass it's HDMI signal, it won't convert it to network traffic, therefore a switch won't be able to do anything with it. The only way this could work is if you're using a 100mbps network (not gigabit) which will use two of the four pairs of wires in the ethernet cable and you make sure the HDMI adapter uses the other two pairs, but I'm pretty sure that the HDMI adapter will use all the pairs. I think the best idea would be to run a second ethernet cable for the HDMI.

This would work.

This would not.

Note that something like the first adapter is HDBaseT, and it won't fully work with equipment like a switch or router in the middle, which are 10/100/1000BaseT devices. It will fallback to network only, no video. But the device I linked has built in switches on the endpoints, so that takes care of that. If you don't need the 3 ports and could do with just one on each end, there are similar HDBaseT devices that don't have built in ethernet switches and have just one ethernet port for slightly less $$.

I think that's what you're trying to do at least. The diagram got a bit messed up... I'm not sure why you want internet at the TV... 

(TV, why do you need internet here?) <---Cat 6---> (Computer, router)

If you don't need internet at the TV, you can find slightly cheaper devices that don't have 10/100/1000BaseT ports, just the HDMI and HDBaseT ports for sending video over the Cat 5e/6 cable.

The REALLY cheap adapters like the second one have two jacks because they just use the wires of the cables for the HDMI signals (TDMS and DDC are signals) and HDMI has more signals that can fit in just one cable. If you tried plugging one of those into computer equipment, you might end up breaking things.

I hope this helps clarify things for you.