Can I Overclock my Mac? Yes, you can! PowerBook G4 Overclocking

Aluminum PowerBook G4 12"

PLL 0 -> R367+R369

PLL 1 -> R57+R55

PLL 2 -> R47+R45 

PLL 3 -> R53+R51

PLL 4 -> R39+R1108


Aluminum PowerBook G4 15"

PLL 0 -> R43 

PLL 1 -> R60 

PLL 2 -> R70 

PLL 3 -> R84

PLL 4 -> R12


Aluminum PowerBook G4 17 

PLL0 -> R9 

PLL1 -> R10 

PLL2 -> R11 

PLL3 -> R12 

PLL4 -> R2

To overclock a 12" set each PLL to 0 by jumping the left pad with the middle pad, to set a PLL to 1, jump the right pad with the middle pad. This photo shows the PLL configuration a bit better than just words. In the photo, the top resistor is set to 0, all the others are set to 1. So, the config is PLL0=0 PLL1=1 PLL2=1 PLL3=1 PLL4=1, to simplify things a bit, us experienced PowerPC overclockers abbreviate the above to 01111. The photo is at this Uniform Resource Locator address:

To overclock a 15" and/or 17" set each PLL to 0 by jumping it with conductive paint, to set a PLL to 1, just leave it open.

The multiplier that each PLL configuration will set is detailed on Page34 of the 7447A's datasheet. The 7447A's datasheet is available here:

Also, keep in mind that any intell (<- not a typographical error) mac is no different than a Dell or HP. If you want a Mac get a PowerPC. I am the proud owner of 15 different PowerPCs and can say that they are truly a thing of their own. I also own a 15" MBP Late 2011 and two 2011 iMacs that are in my closet doing nothing. I want every True Mac to be fully customizable. The next modification in line for the PowerBooks is FSB clock modification and CPU vOut. A close second is GPU vOut modification. I want all True Macs to be as customizable as a custom-built PCs, so I will try to modify VDDA, DRAM, NB, AGP, PCI, PCIx and PCIe voltages and clocks on all Macs. Also on the list are: more cracked GPU firmwarez, logicboard firmware for G5s to allow for the 64GB of RAM the northbridge was built handle, and a port of nVclock for PowerPC.

I had a look at those Uniform Resource Locator addresses. Very interesting. I'd definitely like to hear about the G5 firmware when you get to it. You should document your whole project step by step as you take it on!

Sadly I have no PowerPC Macs, though I do have a couple of M68K machines in the garage somewhere... Still, it's cool to see hardware mods like this!

I don't know if I will get to the firmware, but I will try.