Can i fit noctua nh d15 with my 2 sticks of hyperx beast ram

can i fit noctua nh d15 with my 2 sticks of hyperx beast and not hitting my r4 sidepanel and i want use fan on to side panel. im lookin to get good cooler for my i7 4790k can you guys recoment some thing water/air cooler about 100-150 dollars

Here's your answer in three parts:
Part 1 - Your RAM's height
Part 2 - The NH-D15's max supported RAM height
Part 3 - Your case's max supported CPU cooler height

About the CPU cooler, depends what you want out of it.
Pick the two most important to you:

  • Silence
  • Performance
  • Aesthetics

Silence + performance = Noctua NH-D15
Silence + aesthetics = Be quiet dark rock pro 3
Performance + aesthetics = Cryorig R1 universal/ultimate (depending upon RAM clearance)

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thank you but i cannot find my rams height anywhere

Really? Come on, man.

those beasts are not going to fit, if you have a board which has the memory slots a bit close to the socket.

i find just before you but to conment and it fit to r4 but nf d15 supports only 32mm rams

i have z97 pro gamer and closer stick is on second slot for cpu

If you'd read the fourth google result from the search provided about the NH-D15 you'd know that you can remove the front fan from the cooler/mount it further upwards to increase the max RAM clearance to 64mm.

the NH-D15 provides 64mm clearance for tall memory heatsinks in single fan mode

i know but is performance get more worts or are there better coollers what have ram clearnes more than 42mm

or if i put fan on another side then my ram is not problem

The Cryorig R1 universal. It's usually pretty hard to find though.
Other than that you could go for the NH-D15 anyway and then mount the front fan on the back of the cooler instead.
Might want to take a look at the NH-D14 too, I think that's supposedly got better RAM clearance? R1 universal beats it though, I think.

yea begause i live in finland and parts are difficult to find and i can get noctua very easy just go strore 5km and get it on 95€

on d14 ram cleanes is 44mm it fit with my ram
and d14 is still very easy to get

r1 is only 82€ and i can get it easy on local elektronik store its very lucky they sell only 2 stores on finland

r1 nearly fit its 168mm and r4 support 170mm coolers

i think best way is r1 or d15 and buy 120mm fan at front and but front fan to back and have 3 fans on that and get very good performance

i get r1 and thank you for helping me out

i would personaly go with an AIO in this case.
Something like a H100i, or Coolermaster nepton 240m
Will be way easier to work with in your situation i guess.

im looked nepton 240m and its awesome im not sure 240m or r1