Can I do better?

My friend wants a new computer to game on, and she showed me this and asked if I thought it was good. So I offered to build her one that could outperform that. So far I came up with this The only thing it doesn't beat the best buy computer in is ram capacity and storage size. Oh and on some of the choices 1: I know a r9 280x outperforms the 960 but right now the 280x is roughly 40 bucks more and 2: Windows is being bought from one of those reddit people that sell supposedly genuine windows codes and that's why its so cheap. Any suggestions for alternative parts?

You could save quite a bit of money doing a bundle from microcenter. Please note that they list the 8320e and 8320 at different prices. You could then put the money you save in to a better graphics card. I think the graphics is the biggest weakness with both builds.

Microcenter also has a R9 290 for 259.99 after rebate.

Here is my version of your part list

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. The amd bundle at microcenter saves a lot of cash. Here's what ive got now I didnt go with the 290 because i dont really like the rabates and also I upped the power supply since the amd cards arent as effecient as the 960. And how does the 270x compare to the 960? is it roughly the same?

Just noticed the Microcenter bundle is in-store pickup only, and since the nearest microcenter is 4 hours away, I dont think thats going to happen