Can I connect Corsair Link (H100i) to an external USB port?

Could I connect the Mini USB port on my H100i for Corsair Link to an external USB hub on the IO panel of the motherboard instead of using the MiniUSB to internal USB that came with it? I am asking this because I can't connect it with my HAF X. There is literally <1cm of clearance needed to connect it, but it won't fit without modifications.

I don't think it matters, USB is linked to OS either way.

I believe you could, but as long as the USB connection remains at that same port after you installed the drivers and the software for it, becuase the software needs to have the connection of the H100i kept at the same port or header otherwise it won't read anything after you moved the connection to another port or header, thus needing to uninstall and reinstall the software to register a new connection.