Can has help plox?

Hello forum. 

So I'm building a gaming PC 

Can you help me, i'm not sure about the graphics card, I would be going crossfire with it. Is it a good idea or should i buy just buy one 7970? 

I think everything else on the list is okay. 

Please tell me what you think, if its good, if an item is bad or doesnt fit, thanks.

it's better to get a single, more powerful card than to get 2 lower-end ones. not all games support xfire

Okay, would you be so kind to suggest a card?

How much money are you willing to spend for your GPU? Anything above $380 my best bet would be to go Nvidia. Anything under $300 I would suggest AMD.

$400 Nvidia>

$550 Nvidia>

AMD is very easy to OC GPU's with. AMD Control pannel is super simple. I'm using a 7870 right now OC to about 1150 Mhz with ease staying at a good 50-55 C under heavy load at 50% fan power, never gone over 60 C. I don't know how Nvidia OCing works as I have only been using AMD GPU's so far. 

$250 AMD>

$400 AMD>