Can anyone Tell me a Rough price for these specs?


any help please

About $400 give or take

thanks man big help :)

any suggestions where a good place to sell? private sell?


Here, Craigslist, or Ebay

If you want to sell it here on TS, you'll need to follow the rules when posting.

i just built a pc on newegg with those specs and got 658.88 usd with newer i5 i included everything wifi key mouse card reader cd case psu ram gpu mobo os

used $300 usd

Spot on .

thanks guys ill go for 350-400 GBP i also got like a razer mouse and keyboard & webcam and 2 moniters so ill up the price and is selling things on here quite quick and successful?

Depends where you are , here there a mostly US , but I'm EU , and my sales are quite slow .

Ebay is your best bet , but put it here first .

im uk .. cambridge