Can anyone suggest good OBS settings for me?

We only get a max of 1Mbps upload in my area from all cable companies unless you have a business account.  However, I really want to start streaming again for BF4, but I haven't had very good luck getting a high quality, smooth stream.  I used to get good results with X-Split a couple years ago in a different location, but I'm becoming more invested in the open source movement, and I really want to use OBS.

Anyone had any luck streaming with OBS on a 1Mbps upload for online multiplayer games?

1 meg isn't really going to be enough to get a good high quality stream. Especially if it's a game you intend to play online. I have 5 meg upload and dedicate 2 of that just for the stream alone. You also need to leave yourself some room so you can still play online. Online games require decent download and upload speeds not just download speed.

I know it isn't ideal, but there aren't really any options unless I upgrade to a very expensive business account....

Hey TGxPatriot this may help slightly, but don't expect perfect results because your upload simply isn't good enough for high quality streams as mentioned before. Go to google and search obs Estimator and click the first link. Just input your settings for your rig/network and see what it say's. This is real general settings so again don't expect anything perfect.

i'd say 700kbps bitrate, and a streamed resolution of 360p, 30fps