Can anyone explain the differences between these monitors?

I am really excited about learning about korean monitors and am looking at these options and I am wondering how they differ spec wise...

I am assuming the first is the best option because they guarantee a maximum of 1 dead pixel and it's an s-ips display that is also glossy (thinking it's an apple panel?)

If not if there are any other models you recommend please let me know!

also looking at this one...

So confused by the difference between any of them/

What are you going to use it for? Gaming?

If so I'd suggest either a 1080p 144hz display for around $200

or if you want to try 4k there's this 4k 28" TN display for $299

Otherwise generally just buy the one with good reviews, only real difference is usually the panel

Do you need color accuracy at all?

Some minor gaming but that isn't the main focus... needs to be ips for color reproduction.

I'm just mostly trying to figure out what the difference between a glossy vs tempered glass panel is and if anyone has any experience with these because the reviews are sparse.

Definitely will just be getting a "pixel perfect" version I am just trying to figure out which one if the best panel ( I think most of them are the same panel just different finishes)

So what are you going to use it for? Because you could buy 2 or possibly 1080p IPS displays for the same price, and potentially end up with a better workspace environment

Matte/no glass is always the way to go, otherwise you have to deal with glare

Graphic design work mostly. 1080p on a 27 inch monitor looks like trash in my experience and anything smaller is aggravating to use. I am going to get it for the extra screen area and higher resolution for casual gaming and movie watching. I do game but the higher refresh rate isn't important to my eyes.

I know the difference between matte and gloss just not glossy and tempered glass... also I am curious since they only list up to GTX580 as compatible and I have a gtx 970... is that just because they made the list when only that card was out? A dual link dvi connection should work regardless right?

Any kind of glass is going to make it glossy, otherwise ya, any card should work