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Can anyone explain how to install radeon-profile for AMD GPU control

Hello. Can anyone help with installing radeon profile tool for AMD gpu control. github com/marazmista/radeon-profile-daemon (I can’t post links)

I have copied/installed the build, got files created where is supposed to go, but can’t find any app or any way to run programs. I wish anyone can tell proper way to install this stuff.

For this, the program was put in the target folder. You can run it via the terminal by cd /path/to/target then ./radeon-profile-daemon.

But for “installing” it, copy the radeon-profile-daemon file in the target directory to /usr/bin/. Then copy the radeon-profile-daemon.service in the extra directory to /etc/systemd/system/. Then run

sudo systemctl reload-daemon
sudo systemctl enable radeon-profile-daemon.service
sudo systemctl start radeon-profile-daemon.service

It should then be installed and running.

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