Can a single PNY GTX 670 run 2-3 monitors?

I just want to know if it can. i have a PNY Geforce GTX 670 VCGGTX670XPB

It can but dont expect to play bf3 max settings with 60 fps 

i actually just want two but i didnt know if it could do three..i just want to play on one screen and surf the web on the other.

on my 670 I run 2 monitors one for gaming and one for web surfing ( same situation) so yes it will be able to do just fine it can handle 3 surround gaming monitors with one auxillary monitor just fine. 

I use one EVGA 670 for three monitors at a bezzel corrected res of something like 6ksomething X 1080. Its fine. I play bf3 all ultra n get 40-50fps. The card has a pretty hefty OC but my cooling compensates.