Can a SilverStone RM41-506 fit an MSI TRX40 Creator motherboard?

I’m fortunate enough to have a friend who’s selling me a threadripper system for cheap (3960X, a cooler, and the MSI TRX40 CREATOR board)

I was planning on replacing the existing hardware I have as a NAS inside my SilverStone RM41-506 rack mount chassis, but I wanted to be sure the board will fit in there fine.

I’m not at home to be able to measure/ check things myself, so I looked up the measurements of the board and what the chassis supports.

The chassis claims to support 12"x10.5" boards, but the board measures at 12"x10.9"

I’m hoping that either the chassis has some removable stuff I can take out to make room, or maybe the measurements for one or both are off, or maybe it’ll still magically fit.

My question is, has anyone that has the same or similarly sized chassis tried to fit a similarly sized board and made it work? Or should I just look for another chassis

Might be referring to the standoff positioning
If the holes lineup, it shouldn’t be much of an issue [unless their is internal posts n’ such]

Those measurements are from both the manufacturer’s sites - I don’t think they’re standoff distances because that’s not really how they categorize them.

I did also look for the measurements online for the board I currently have in the case (an Asrock X47 Taichi) which measures 12"x9.7" and I recall that it’s a tight fit (at least for the SATA ports on the side)

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